रोलिंग और फ्लोटिंग स्टॉक

Innovations in the design of rolling stock (the rake, fixed wagon, etc.), the floating stock (lift on/off containers) and associated material handling systems is essential to enhance operational efficiencies. These are critical to bring about cost-effectiveness of supply chains by reducing the turnaround time of rakes and for loading/ unloading wagons and containers.
Since the changes in rolling and floating stock are business decisions to line ministries and related private stakeholders, the Logistics division will therefore primarily facilitate the concerned ministries to move towards a regime of incentive structures that encourage interoperable rolling/floating stock.
The efforts towards optimising and rationalising the utilisation of rolling and floating stock and associated material handling systems will target to promote the following:

  1. Reliable and adequate supply of containers through local manufacturing
  2. Palletisation of less than wagon/truck load cargo
  3. Innovative and energy efficient rolling stock design: wagons, trucks, low draft vessels for IW, reefer containers & trucks, appropriate rolling stock for ODC and DG, heavy haul and long haul
  4. Innovative delivery models: double stack dwarf containers (DSDC), Roll-on Roll-off (RORO), heavy haul/long trains, and Road Railers
  5. Energy efficient modes of transportation like slurry pipelines (for iron ore etc.), conveyor belts, and other innovative methods
  6. Introduction of Low Draft Vessels which can carry more load at shallow depth
  7. Integrate the aggregation of cargoes for efficient marshalling of freight and rake formation systems into their service by Railways