Despite being the preferred mode of freight movement, road transport faces certain challenges, including congestion on highways as well as city congestion, road accidents, proliferation of required compliances as well opportunities from the development of other modes of transport in the hinterland. Additionally, the sector continues to face safety issues arising from aging vehicle fleets, lack of formal training among commercial truck drivers, long working hours of the drivers, inadequacy of pit-stops on National Highways, missing parking lots etc. Besides these, there is the challenge to provide seamless connectivity with rail and ports & waterways to achieve the maximum efficiencies.

In order to address some of the issues impacting road transportation, key measures undertaken include, (i) implementation of GST e-way bill which has reduced the need for stoppages and spontaneous inspection, (ii) FASTag toll lanes have helped increase the average speed.

Beyond this, the Logistics Division is focused on bringing the following improvements:

  1. Providing a forum/platform bringing together the logistics stakeholders to provide for formal training and skilling of drivers, creating awareness among drivers, sensitization of law enforcers and taking welfare measures to make truck driving a lucrative profession.
  2. Promoting green and environment friendly transport technologies to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and its impact on the environment.
  3. To develop an IT platform that would function as a freight exchange portal and integrate GST e-way bills, VAHAN database, all transit related information in the FASTag network and leverage GPS systems to map the flow of logistics across the country.
  4. Digital solutions for trucking that would help in tracking and evaluating the performance of trucking companies, facilitate accreditation, introduce driver logging tools to monitor the driving hours etc. In addition, providing digital solutions for enabling compliances electronically, so as to reduce dependence on physical checks for compliance.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways