आधुनिक भंडारण

Warehouses are one of the key nodes in the logistics chain and requires greater efficiency and improved integration to effectively improve logistics services. Warehousing is the process of storing physical goods as they move along a supply chain i.e., before they are sold or further distributed There are two basic categories of warehousing – dry and environment-controlled warehousing

The warehousing sector is largely characterised by (i) aged infrastructure, (ii) limited mechanisation and automation for cargo handling, (iii) low adoption of technology solutions for asset tracking and (iv) limited skill sets and value-added services. For development of modern warehousing, following measures will be taken-

  1. Develop recommendatory guidelines and standards for warehousing and related physical assets (pallets, shelving and racking, handling equipment, trucks and trailers) to drive interoperability and compatibility.
  2. Streamline processes for securing approvals/ clearances for setting up warehouses and their grading and certifications for excellence.
  3. Develop a framework for single window clearances for building and operational approvals across states will be developed.
  4. A digital registry of warehouses to enable optimal utilization and improve visibility
  5. A scheme for grading, rating and award of certificate to warehousing facilities demonstrating high standards of operational efficiency, use of technology, safety in their operations, etc.