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Warehousing sector has gained importance post implementation of GST in 2017. This was primarily due to an eco-system for efficient supply chain being triggered in country. In 2017, the Central Government granted the logistics sector including warehousing the status of “Infrastructure”. Establishing and Operating Warehouses requires multiple interactions with the government to secure applicable licenses, approvals and clearances, with regard to planning, construction, operationalization, along with ensuring structural safety, building quality, safety and well-being of workers, adoption of standards for ensuring quality and safety of goods stored etc. Also, the National Warehouse e-Directory is being developed to provide assistance from States to enable faster and accurate data collection against defined attributes to ensure robust and reliable platform to strengthen Logistics Sector in the country

The Logistics Department has laid emphasis on developing standardization of warehouses for structure, process, storage, material handling and packaging methodologies confirming to globally acceptable standards. Measures are also taken to create a digital interactive platform to enable warehouse operators and users to engage in faster and refined search for suitable infrastructure. Geo-tagging of warehouse facilities within the country will provide larger visibility of existing infrastructure.

During the First States Conference on Logistics Sessions held on 19th January, 2021, six states shared various initiatives taken to promote warehousing and logistics. Some of the key initiatives taken by each state are as follows:


  1. Right to business act – has highlighted that initial clearances are not needed and this facility is extended within the State to setup infrastructure with deferred permissions.
  2. Focus on accessibility for facilities being developed for logistics
  3. In line with State reform action plan, majority processes are already online or being made online. Even CLU is online.
  4. A logistics Committee is also established as per MoCI direction


  1. Single window clearance for approvals is also available through online portal. (with timelines as low as 45 days)
  2. Awarded special ‘Industry’ status to Logistics and warehousing in Haryana
  3. Increased FAR for warehousing, Subsidy for new technology upgradation


  1. CLU is automated for upto 10 acres, charges exempted with clearances within 45 days
  2. Capital subsidy for development of storage infrastructure for both farmer (50%) and others (25%)

Madhya Pradesh

  1. Deemed approval system for Industrial process, clearance in 15 days under Public Service Approval Act.
  2. Availability of contiguous land.
  3. Relaxed FAR (maximum ground coverage of 60%).
  4. Single window clearance system.
  5. 100% reimbursement of stamp duty and registration fee.

Uttar Pradesh

  1. State has granted ‘Industry’ status to logistics sector.
  2. State Logistics Cell strengthened and State Logistics Coordination Committee set up. Integrated State Logistics Plan being developed


  1. Setting up of Logistics Academies in 3 districts
  2. Truck Driver Training programme
  3. Parking Policy, Nominated Additional Chief Secretary (Commerce and Industries) as nodal officer for development f logistics sector.

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