राष्ट्रीय पैकेजिंग पहल

Packaging provides benefits such as physical protection of goods against shock, vibration, temperature, moisture and dust, containment or agglomeration, marketing, convenience, and security but needs to be cost-effective, light, and environmentally appropriate.

The logistics Division has launched the National Packaging Initiative with the following objectives:

  1. Issue guidelines and standards for packaging material and design
  2. Encourage bulk movement
  3. Encourage the development of necessary infrastructure such as advanced packaging labs for design and testing, specialized logistics parks with facilities to curb the scattered industrial packaging activity
  4. Promote the development of Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) for waste reduction in packaging
  5. Promote domestic industry for localisation of manufacturing of specialized packaging materials
  6. Encourage sustainability
  7. Promote smart packaging and use of digital solutions
  8. Introduce high-quality training facilities and certification programmes to ensure the availability of skilled manpower

Establishment of RCLP (Resource Centre for Logistics Packaging)

Implementation of activities under the National Packaging Initiative requires a very close partnership with the industry. For this, the Logistics Division would facilitate the setting up of an industry-backed Resource Centre for Logistics Packaging (RCLP). The Resource Centre will work together with the Indian Institute of Packaging to ensure holistic development of the packaging sector in India