कोल्ड-चेन लॉजिस्टिक्स

Cold chain is a subset of the entire supply chain involving the production, storage and distribution of perishable products that require controlled temperature in order to retain the product’s characteristics and nutritive values for prolonged duration. For an effective and economically viable cold chain that will totally integrate the supply chains for all commodities from the production centers to the consumption centers, thereby reducing physical waste and loss of value of perishable commodities, it is imperative to keep pace with the necessary infrastructure development , ensure harmonization of standards commodity specific protocol development , promote technological innovations , ensure dovetailing of various schemes , and alignment between the various ministries for financial outlay and business model restructuring.

For an integrated development of the Cold Chain sector the logistics division is taking up specific steps. A Cold Chain Logistics Resource Centre (C is being set up to support and catalyse the development of effective and economically viable cold chains by promoting technological and business innovations across the country.

The CCLRC will interface government efforts with industry-led initiatives to support innovative business models; adoption of energy efficient technologies, new research and global partnerships. The centre will also develop standard layout and design for cold storages, packhouses; create a database of cold chain assets including reefer trucks and promote training and skilling of the workforce of the Cold Chain sector by setting up Centre of Excellence with partner institutes.