खतरनाक सामान और अधिक आयामी कार्गो (Cargo)

Dangerous goods (DG) are those hazardous materials, items or substances, which can be harmful to life (such as liquid and gaseous chemical, inflammable substances etc.), environment and infrastructure in uncontrolled circumstances

Over dimensional cargo (ODC) usually refers to cargo that exceeds the weight and dimensions relative to the carrying/transporting vehicle or route. Due to the nature of goods it's difficult to find proper logistics for the same. In the present scenario there are some major bottlenecks in their handling such as lack of proper training, absence of suitable liquid berthing facilities, storage, handling etc. Following interventions are planned for improving the logistic for hazardous goods and dangerous material-

  1. Simplification of the mechanism for transportation and storage
  2. Identify and create a digitised map of such logistics assets
  3. Develop a database of accredited warehouses and a repository of SoPs to handle such goods
  4. Training of the workforce