विभिन्न राज्यों में रसद सुगमता (LEADS) रिपोर्ट

LEADS was conceptualized with the common vision for a well-integrated logistics network in India by then- newly set up Logistics Division under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. LEADS study aims to assess the status of logistics efficiency in each State, based on the perception of users and stakeholders at State level

LEADS 2021 report is in its inception stage. The prime emphasis would be made upon the infrastructure quality and availability within the States/ UTs covering warehouses, terminal services, infrastructure assets, EXIM infrastructure, operational SEZs, etc. The study would also collect the responses in context of 18-points related to policy, institutional framework, warehousing, smart enforcement, city logistics and working conditions of truck drivers. Another important aspect of scoring the states would be on the basis of actions taken by the states against the recommendations made in LEADS report 2019 for their respective states.

LEADS 2019 analysed domestic (hinterland) logistics network in addition to EXIM. The study highlighted critical gaps in infrastructure, bottlenecks in processes and inefficiencies in the regulatory framework for each state to improve its logistics ecosystem. It laid the foundation for a sustainable mechanism for measuring State logistics performance. The study garnered 3045 responses in consultation with more than 1150 respondents.

pdf 2019Leads 2019(15.0mb)

In the first edition of LEADS report (2018), the focus of the study was on EXIM in order to foster international competitiveness and channelize the key value chains. The report built the LEADS Index (ranking methodology) using three major indicators: infrastructure, processes and regulatory framework for assessment of State Logistics ecosystem performance. The study garnered 2885 responses in consultation with more than 1000 respondents.

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