Annual action plan ( Scheme for special assistance to States)

Scheme for Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment 2022-23

In view of the positive response to the Scheme and considering the requests of the State Governments, the Government of India decided to launch a redesigned and expanded Scheme for the year 2022-23. The Scheme has been named as "Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment 2022-23". An amount of Rs.1 lakh crore has been allocated for the Scheme. Under the Scheme, financial assistance will be provided to the State Governments in the form of a 50-year interest-free loan for capital investment projects. The loan provided under the Scheme will be over and above the normal borrowing ceiling allowed to the States for the financial year 2022-23. The loan amount is to be spent in the financial year 2022-23.

The Scheme for Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment 2022-23 has Seven Parts::

S. No  Parts of the Scheme  Details of Part  Fund Allocated (in Rs.crore) 
Part – I  Untied Fund  80,000
ii  Part – II  PM GatiShakti-related expenditure  5,000
iii  Part – III  PMGSY  4,000
iv  Part – IV  Incentives for Digitization  2,000
Part – V  Optical Fibre Cable  3,000
vi  Part - VI  Urban Reforms  6,000
vii  Part - VII  Disinvestment and Monetization  5,000

Part-II of the Scheme is aimed at facilitating PM Gati Shakti related investment in the States.

An amount of Rs.5,000 crore is earmarked for Part-II of the Scheme. Additional amount from savings under other Parts of the Scheme may also be reallocated to this Part of the Scheme based on response of the States and utilization of funds.

Suggestive list of eligible categories of capital investment projects which can be funded from PM GatiShakti related expenditure is as under:

  1. Development of nodes like ICDs, CFS, warehousing, multimodal or uni modal logistics parks, modern aggregation centers, etc.
  2. Critical connectivity infrastructure for providing last and first mile connectivity to industrial parks, economic zones.
  3. Inter-connected infrastructure for attaining multimodal connectivity.
  4. Development of city logistics plan.
  5. Digital support including data monitoring centres at State level for monitoring freight flows.
  6. Setting up of PM GatiShakti data centres.
  7. Development of new industrial parks including land acquisition.
  8. Connectivity projects for cargo terminals being developed by Mio Railways.
  9. Connectivity projects to ensure 24x7 freight flow in the State.