National Logistics Policy

Logistics efficiency is a function of infrastructure, services (digital systems/processes/regulatory framework) and human resource. The PM GatiShakti National Master Plan (NMP) for multimodal connectivity infrastructure to various economic zones, has been launched. PM GatiShakti NMP is a transformative approach for improving logistics efficiency and reducing logistics cost, with focus on integration of existing and proposed infrastructure development initiatives of different agencies, to ensure first and last mile connectivity, for seamless movement of people and goods.

While development of integrated infrastructure and network planning is envisaged to be addressed through the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan, for efficiency in services (processes, digital systems, regulatory framework) and human resource, the National Logistics Policy is the logical next step. This will provide a comprehensive agenda for development of entire logistics ecosystem.

The Policy will be implemented through a Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan (CLAP)

Download the National Logistics Policy 2022