Logistics for Environment Sustainability

The significant growth of the logistics sector has been accompanied by increased pollution levels, higher consumption of scarce resources, including water and energy as well as higher wastage related to packaging, redundant components, etc.

The logistics sector can play a significant role to drive sustainability by:

  1. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) primarily, by using the right modal mix.
  2. Using innovative environment friendly technologies (like low emission fuels, energy efficient machinery, etc
  3. using renewable power, provision of recycling units, sustainable packaging, sustainable waste flow management and material flow optimization
  4. Adopting sustainable design standards to develop administrative, warehousing and other superstructures
  5. Optimising reverse logistics to ensure retrieval of parts, recycling of products and disposal of packaging waste to support a push towards a ‘circular economy’, while contributing to the Swachh Bharat Mission.