About the Division

The Logistics Division under the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry was set up on the 7th July, 2017, through amendment to the second schedule of the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961, for the "Integrated Development of Logistics Sector". The division is headed by a Special Secretary to GoI and aims to develop an Action Plan for the integrated development of the logistics section in the nation, by introducing various policy changes, advances in existing procedures, finding of bottlenecks and gaps and introduction of technology in this sector.

Who's Who

Special Secretary

Shri Amrit Lal Meena | Special Secretary (Logistics) phone-icon23038869 mail-iconas.logistics@gov.in room-iconRoom No:202, Vanijya Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Sandeep Kumar | PS to SS (Log.) phone-icon23038870 mail-icon room-iconRoom No:, | Intercom:8869
Shri B.H.Rao | PS to SS (Log.) phone-icon23038870 mail-icon room-iconRoom No:, | Intercom:8869

Joint Secretary

Shri Surendra Kr. Ahirwar | Joint Secretary phone-icon23038920 mail-iconsurendra.ahirwar@gov.in room-iconRoom No:207, Vanijya Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Amit Jain | PS to JS (Log.) phone-icon23038921 mail-icon room-iconRoom No: | Intercom: 8920
Shri Naveen Kumar | PA to JS (Log.) phone-icon23038921 mail-icon room-iconRoom No: | Intercom: 8920

Deputy Director General

Er. Shlok Bhardwaj | Deputy Director General phone-icon23063316 mail-icons.bhardwaj30@gov.in room-iconRoom No:250, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:
Vineet Kumar | PA to DDG phone-icon mail-icon room-iconRoom No: | Intercom:
Shri Vinod Kumar Verma | Deputy Director General phone-icon23062879 mail-iconvk.verma64@gov.in room-iconRoom No: 226A, Udyog Bhawan| Intercom:


Shri Sagar Rameshrao Kadu | Director phone-icon23063316, 23038914 mail-iconsagar.kadu@gov.in room-iconRoom No:132, Vanijya Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Narsi Ram Meena | Director phone-icon23061688 mail-iconnarsi.bodh@gov.in room-iconRoom No:252-A, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Rahul Shreshtha | Director phone-icon mail-iconrahul.shr@gov.in room-iconRoom No:135, Vanijya Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Arvind Pandey | Director phone-icon23062750 mail-iconpandey.arvind@gov.in room-iconRoom No:253, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Arun Pinjare | Director phone-icon mail-icon room-iconRoom No:328, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:

Deputy Secretary

Smt. Jivisha Joshi Gangopadhyay | DS (PM GatiShakti) phone-icon23038930 mail-iconjivisha.g@gov.in room-iconRoom No:136, Vanijya Bhawan | Intercom:
Smt. Leena Khanduja | PPS to DS phone-icon23038910 mail-iconjivisha.g@gov.in room-iconRoom No: | Intercom: 8910
Shri Avinash Chandra | Deputy Secretary phone-icon23063400 mail-iconavinash.chandra@nic.in room-iconRoom No: 279, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:

Under Secretary

Shri K.Jayaraman | Under Secretary phone-icon23061453 mail-iconjayaraman.65@gov.in room-iconRoom No:540, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:
Shri Pramod Kumar Verma | Under Secretary phone-icon23061453 mail-iconpramod.verma@nic.in room-iconRoom No:540, Udyog Bhawan | Intercom:

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