Skill Needs: Current & Future

The Logistics Division, under the National Logistics Policy, is creating a National Logistics Workforce Strategy (NLWS). One of its key elements is ‘Assessment of current and future skill development needs in the logistics ecosystem’ across key stakeholders including Logistics Sector Skill Council, selected sector skill councils, logistics sector associations (who represent logistics service providers) and industry players. The Strategy will be based on four parameters including accessibility, equity, quality and employability Broadly focus is on the following:

  1. Identifying gap areas and developing skill development programmes, and upscaling existing skill development courses, in specialized sectors at the required scale - Creating comprehensive curriculum, training of trainers and upscaling it to National level.
  2. Creating an ecosystem for Industry Recognition of Global certification of courses offered in India’s logistics sector especially those for handling dangerous goods and hazardous material.
  3. Developing Refresher / Reskilling courses in the logistics sector and devising innovative delivery mechanism.