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GHG Calculator

Currently, 60% of goods is carried by road; 33% by railways and 7% by coastal shipping and inland waterways. Studies have shown that the share of rail transport could even drop from 35% (in 2009) to 25% by 2020 in a business as usual scenario (Mckinsey 2010). 30-40% of the energy consumed in transport sector is attributable to road freight. It is estimated that the freight traffic demand is projected to increase five-fold by 2050. This makes the freight transport sector one of the sectors with currently the highest potential for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other climate-relevant pollutants.
The Freight GHG Emissions and Cost Calculator is an attempt to help users to estimate the emissions and costs on account of movement of freight through different transport modes in India. In its current form, the calculator allows comparison between movement by road and rail for different commodities, both GHG emissions and total cost of transportation, including the environmental cost. The tool is intended to help companies and individuals easily compare the trade-offs involved with freight movement by different transport modes for pre-selected origin and destination points or manually entered distances.