Unified Logistics Integrated Platform (ULIP)

The ULIP will integrate the various legacy digital solutions of different Ministries. The objective of a common digital platform is to enable seamless flow of information across various service providers and modes of transport. The platform will provide integrated and seamless interface, against the multiple sign-on needed in existing platforms like FOIS/VAHAN/PCS1X etc.
The stakeholders will have access to real time information; integrated logistics data of different departments and ministries as well as incorporate private sector data on different topics.

This platform will enable integration of all documentation related to the cargo flow, provide cargo visibility through track-and-trace, facilitate a seamless information flow, link the chain to invoice and payment points, etc. ULP will allow development of user-centric services by the private and government entities; build use cases to fill gap areas and enable logistics-related information exchange on a real/ near real time basis, paperless processes, etc.