Digital Initiatives in Gap Areas

At present each system owner (of legacy systems) has adopted a different approach, leaving critical gaps. These critical gaps require manual or offline processing at various stages. The Logistics Division would identify the gaps that remain despite on-going integration efforts. Specific initiatives to fill the gap areas are also planned which shall, inter alia, enable digital document exchange, truck visibility, electronic logging in and out of truck drivers, a directory of all warehouses in the country and so on. While the list of such initiatives is a dynamic one, it presently includes:

  1. Container Tracking and Management System: Geo-spatial tracking of containers using tracking devices to identify availability of empty containers and locate loaded containers across all modes of transport.
  2. Secured Logistics Document Exchange (SLDE): A digital platform to facilitate seamless and digital transfer of various trade related negotiable and other documents. It will enable generation, storage and interchange of logistics-related documents digitally using Aadhar and Blockchain-based security protocols for data security and authentication. It will also provide a complete audit trail of document transfer.
  3. Smart Enforcement app: Risk based management digital system for states and central enforcement agencies to minimise the physical inspection of offences (tax, commodity, vehicle and on road behaviour related) and reduce compliance burden and delays on road, to the maximum possible extent
  4. India Warehousing Hub: a central digital repository system of warehouses with attributes, storage facilities, which will be geo-spatially tagged as nodes on a GIS map interface for better visibility of warehousing facilities for wider access to users, pan India transparency on the supply side of warehouse storage etc
  5. Digital Trucking: Track and trace and other functionalities are required for trucking as substantial domestic and international movements of freight in the country take place in bulk or break-bulk form on trucks. GPS/ELD tracking of the real-time location of trucks by integrating with Vahan and Sarathi databases and e-Way bill. Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and digital control tower for fleet management. Evaluate the performance of trucking companies and facilitate accreditation that can be used by trucking companies for unhindered movement across the country.
  6. Electronic Logging Device (ELD): A device will be made in place which requires logging in and out by truck drivers at beginning and end of duty – it will enable monitoring work and rest of truck drivers and as a spinoff, enable tracking of the real-time location of trucks, Electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) & fleet management through digital control tower.
  7. Digital Port Decongestion: Provides visibility on movement of containers between different terminals at ports.